We keep your pages freshly loaded

No programming needed

No extra software needed

Works on every platform as long as you have a valid XML sitemap in place

Works on every webhosting company

Premium option: also pre-load css and js files


Easy setup. Powerful Upgrade Options.


  • 10 pages daily
  • Self service
  • Ideal for small sites


  • 100 pages daily
  • Priority Customer Support
  • CSS and JS files

Custom pricing

  • All Pro features
  • Unlimited pages daily
  • Font and media

As long as your XML sitemap is valid, it will work. Regardless if you are on a custom platform, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and so on 🙂 Regardless if you are on a static hosting platform, shared, dedicated, using PHP, Ruby, .net etc..

Check our sitemap here.

They are essential for your site. You need to have them fastly loaded.

Via paypal, creditcard or SEPA incasso

Not at the moment no. You did know our Starter package only costs $ 1 a month ?

Search for “xml sitemap validator”

Yes you can 🙂

Via your account, you can cancel any time.

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